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...this page features poems written
 by the great but not late,..."John Ronald Morris"
...what can i say about him???
he is my friend...a fellow soldier for CHRIST...he is a Texan with
alot of stuff to say...
important stuff...
stuff about JESUS...
anyways,here`s just a sampling of his work...
p.s. if `ya wanna` send mr. Morris a message just
click his e-mail address...

Listen, Know, Speak

John Morris

Listen for the voice of the Shephard so true;
hear heavenly words spoken directly to you.
Listen for your name being whispered aloud;
hear it from the heart in the midst of the crowd.
Know you are loved in a most perfect way;
perceive that His favor envelops you today.
Know there's a future that shall end with a smile;
understand He is with you in every single mile.
Speak to the mountains "Be cast into the sea."
Speak to the shadows; true forms you will see.
Speak to the darkness and the Light shall appear.
Speak to the storm and Peace shall calm the fear!

mr. and mrs. John Morris...
click to see...

Puppies In Heaven?

John Morris
"Is my dog in heaven" asks a little girl,
needing a yes more than anything in the world!
Such great loss she'd never known before.
The beginning of sorrows; there will be more.
Fumbling for soothing words to ease her pain.
Caught by surprise and wishing to refrain.
"I believe he is." My answer sounded confident.
Inside, my words were much more hesitant.
Suddenly, an inspiration flooded my mind,
knowing God's compassion for this child of mine!
He's promised to give us pure desires of our hearts.
Surely, puppies in heaven could play a part!
Whatever the reality; in heaven there's no tears.
The Great Puppymaker will dispel all her fears.

Snowflakes Through The Veil

John Morris
Clouds of The Divine drifting through the veil,
parted by compassion; beyond lies a trail. Blessed trail of God, cascading Your love...
there in the distance; A Cross and a Dove!
Snowflakes thru the veil, without end or start
so softly melting upon cheeks of the heart.
Pieces of You Lord; adrift on the wind.
You touched my hand as one would a friend.
Tears of the soul meeting tears from my eyes
in the place of parting; where the Dove crys.
The sounds of this silence is ever so loud.
Your voice become knowing within this cloud.
Breathing the purity of Heaven's sweet snow...
Snowflakes thru the veil; so warm and not cold.
Your Presence so fills this vessel of desire!
These moments of forever cover earth's mire.
So fresh is the snow upon my life's trail!
How Great is Our Father, who parts the veil!

Silent Seed, Mighty Oak

John Morris
See the praise of the mighty oak
limbs lifted toward the sky
in adoration to bestow
great honor to God on High!

Birds of the air find lodging
among branches made for them
Generations happily sing
the sparrow's song of joy to Him!

A welcome cover and shade
is the oak from noon day sun
Children's treehouse dreams are made
in this mighty fortress of fun!

Oh, the mystery of the acorn
lying dorment on the ground;
future expressions to adorn
a welcome earth in ways profound!

Inside these seeds of silence
the laughter of children awaits
The journey of the oak begins
sprouting forth in blessings great!
need to laugh?
take a break
and check out this...

Man of Contention

            (the letter not mailed)


Oh man of pretension, why play your game?

Are you so blind with actions so profane?

Sundays, you're an angel, to others like you.

The six days between defines what is true!


Religious and prideful, we've seen it all before;

a modern day Pharisee,LIGHT must change your core!

Humility and love,not just words, but rather fruit.

Springing from a changed heart, transforming the root!


Oh man of contention, you seek to dampen one's day,

driven by earthly ambition and monetary gain.

Kindness eludes you. give, you must possess.

Inner darkness and vanity will give you no rest!



You make my job harder; others point and say

"If that's a Christian person, I don't need it! No way!"

If any light remains, humble yourself this very day.

Open eyes of understanding; it's time to obey!


Oh man of possibility, please soften your heart!

See what you can be; its really very smart!

Experience HIS ambition and you'll know HIS peace!

He's patient with forgiveness calming the savage beast!


Come meet The Lord and be born of His Spirit!


John Ronald Morris early 2000

the above poem can also be
found at the C.A.N.(CHRISTian Assets Network)
website...they have a bunch of interesting stuff there...
assorted topics,all pertaining to CHRIST...
go have a look...

blueshadows: course we're vain at times...human, but that is the beauty of God's grace...accepting the imperfect, that He may perfect the accepted

"The Stalker"

John Morris
Who is He that stalks the perimeters
of human understanding...
a walled city that is my mind?
He paces the outer boundaries
of this man's common soul,
seeking entrance to what is mine.
I, His prey am hunted.
I, His obsession am haunted.
Haunted by His sub voice;
like the cooing of a morning dove
falling on ears of deafness.
Somehow, one senses a sweet noise.
Whispering through my barred gates
He uses tenderness as His weapon
and love as a melting tool...
pressing, pressing evermore;
desiring a close encounter.
At what cost to become a fool?
My heart leaps within me!
hey ya``s a link to a new church...
they have a really nice website...
lotsa new ideas...
strongly into youth ministry...
have their own band...!!!
mr. Morris and their pastor have attended the
same church before...
anyway`s...go check out...
tina: Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that everyone had the Love God had when HE sent HIS only begotton SON to die on my Cross, bore MY sins, and shed HIS precious blood for me, that one day I may see Him face to face.............And isn't it great that We had such a great Savior who has that forgiving Spirit, my prayer is that everyone someday will have that same spirit
tina: And wouldn't it be great to just have the faith to throw our sins, our cares,and our pains  in THAT pool of blood AND LEAVE THEM THERE...we are so prone to go back and pick them up to carry again ....but we cannot do anything on our own we have to have HIM carry them for us............AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEN!!!!!!

The Metal Rose (Angie's Song)

John Morris

So hard and yet tender
such beauty mixed with pain
In the ways of the world
this rose sought a name.

Come close to this flower
and you will meet the thorn
Still, this rose is worthy
of deep love to adorn!

One day lamb and lion
will lie down together
a heart once so heavy
now light as a feather.

Heavenly Fire and Rain
will soften it's pedals
A grand fragrance awaits
this rose made of metal!

Lord, speak to this flower
from Your garden of grace
Mend her broken petals
make new the tattered lace!

One more for Your bouquet
one more to call Your own
one more to decorate
the beauty of Your Throne!

Lord, help this rose to know
that she belongs to you
may her beauty only grow
as You soften what is true!

How sweet and how awesome...
Your Beauty within her
seeing this rose blossom
so fragrant and tender.

Your Fire Lord, and Your Rain
will soften her petals!
A grand fragrance awaits
this rose made of metal!

ever since i`ve known John Morris,he`s talked about the inspirations he`s felt,from the explorations of the music of the late "Keith Green" he sent me some lyrics to some of Keith`s songs...a little glimpse of the soul of a blessed soldier gone home...check these out...
mr. Morris and i have a mutual friend named shelly(a.k.a.Yanjinz Chang)
she lives in china...she has touched our hearts with her gifts repeatedly...
she attends church in a house privately...and she never speaks of the hardships of CHRISTian worship in asia...she is 20 years old...has known the LORD for only 2 years,yet she is strong in her faith,knowledgable of HIS will,and steadfast in her pursuit of spreading the GOOD below to see....

Sons of Encouragement

John Morris
How easy in the natural
to be a son of thunder
calling fire down from heaven
while splitting hairs asunder

How tragic in the world
when our life is void of grace
compassion never sprouting
into fruit for all to taste

How blessed in the Spirit
are the Sons of Encouragement
seeing needs instead of faults
spreading hope, not discouragement

How beautiful are the children
who leave healing in their wakes
having received the revelation
of God's Amazing Grace!
tareenkhan786 (10/16/2002 9:57:36AM): may GOD bless you.

World Of Ice

John Morris

Wouldn't it be nice
if this world of ice
was melted away one day?
Rivers would flow
to valleys below
giving drink along the way!
And wouldn't it be great
to discover the fate
God's planned
for our winters of pain?
To open our eyes
and look to the skies
lifting hands
to the Heavenly Rain!
Birds would sing forth
from the sides of the North
the warmth of His love
made plain.
The fragrance of flowers
is finally ours!
May His Sun forever remain!
Life would return
and all would learn
it was He
who brought forth THE SON!
Wouldn't it be nice
if this world of ice
was melted away one day?

The Cost of Abortion?
one human life...

click to see the answers of...
                                             Remembering back to the wastelands of youth...
                                             vanity searching for some form of truth
                                             Phases and stages, the circle never complete
                                             no yearning for stillness-only the world's beat
                                             An identity was hidden...I followed my peers
                                             Thinking alike, we never faced our fears
                                             Still on occasion, we would contemplate
                                             the meaning of life and ends of our fate
                                             Pressed into molds of false idols and illusion...
                                             more of the same added to the confusion
                                             Yet at times, a tenderness sought out our hearts;
                                             emptiness cried out for a fresh new start
                                             Real tears I've cried thinking back to that child
                                             realizing his preciousness and beauty all the while
                                             Real Love broke through with mercy in tow
                                             This child's identity Lord, now I know.
                                                                                           J. Ronald Morris

The Dove And The Tornado

John Morris
Many are the dreams of the night
not all without significance...
most forgotten by morning light
a few, seemingly making since.

Nightly images inside our heads
some valued more than others
At times I've had my spirit fed
like a child soothed by it's mother...

One night during a restless slumber
I experienced such a puzzling wonder;
A White Dove in the midst of a tornado
hovering motionless as violent winds did blow!

Debris was circling with such great might
I shielded my eyes from this strange sight
This beautiful Creature with compassionate eyes
It's stare penetrating the situation which belies!

All fear fades away as long as eyes meet...
So strangely awash in a peace so complete
It was then my mind made the connection;
the immovable calmness of God's protection!

Sometimes a dream can be a welcome friend.
New perspective and blessing it can lend.
Peace in the storm! Logic it defies!
Hope for the inner man rooted in the skies!

this animation`s for the gatorman...
he`s always cooking something up...

Imprisoned Treasures

John Morris

It's the Father's great pleasure
with our help if you will...
to free Imprisoned Treasures
that will bless and will heal.

Who holds the reins of self?
Is it He or is it I?
We can know when we delve
into Truth with anguished cry!

The ways of man subtract
from the beauty of His plans.
The ways of God enact
through the Blood of the Lamb!

Refreshing winds can blow
when a mind is renewed.
A holy confidence we'll know
when with Power we're endued!

Precious Treasures we shall find
if only we'd seek the Higher.
At His table we shall dine
once we're freed from the mire!

like cool thoughts about GOD?...
so do this story if your in
the mood for...

a refreshing thought...

Shadows Of Pursuit

John Morris
"What's the speed limit?"
little Junior so inquires.
Shifting to third gear
old Dad screeches his tires.
"Son, don't worry about it,
we're running a little late,"
reminding little Junior
that school begins at eight.
"Tell them I'm not here
Mom whispers in hushed tones.
Little Junior does as told,
then he hangs up the phone.
"I sure miss Sunday school;
think today we could go?"
"Not today" Dad replies
for the third week in a row.
"We've made other plans;
God wants us to have fun!"
Sadly, Junior turns away.
His walk turns to a run.
Crying upon his bed,
Junior recalls some Bible words;
"Let the children come unto me."
Hadn't Mom and Dad heard?
Through many tears, Junior vows
not to be mean to his kids.
He'd take them to Sunday school;
at teacher's feet they'd sit!
As so often happens
Through passages of time
old vows are forgotten;
out of sight, out of mind.
Fading Sunday memories
swallowed up by busy life,
no longer very important
as Junior's heart closed so tight.
He soon became a man
and even had a son.
And just like his father
he taught him Church is no fun!
"I sure miss Sunday school,
think today I could go?"
"Not today" old Junior says
for the third week in a row!

hey ya` Morris sent me this
link today...i was amazed that i
had not been to it before,cause it`s a
nice site about CHRISTian poetry...
even a weekly contest...but they
have more there than poetry...
lottsa cool things like humor
and the link...

Edges Of Rescue

John Morris
How dark is the darkness that strips life bare?
How deep is this well? Measure if I dare.
How strong is the web woven around me?
And where is the spider that runs so free?

How high is up where God's mercy resides?
How true is Truth that battles these lies?
How great is The Love that bled for us?
And how powerful is the Name of Jesus?

From this pit I cry and in this web I'll die,
unless the Lord of Glory rewrites my life's story.
His Light and His Grace must rescue in this place,
this life He gave to me...Oh Jesus set me free!

The Blind Man And The Rainbow

John Morris

Sitting upon the sands of time,
an old blind man poses a gaze.
Sea breezes fill his wrinkled lines,
capturing the sound of many waves.
Whispering of places far and near,
the surf sings it's sweet melody.
Blessed music to the old man's ears;
if only those dead eyes could see!
A distant storm eches it's sign,
intruding thunder touching the shore.
On a rainbow the sighted will dine;
the blind man hears only a roar!
In feeble attempts to explain
a rainbow's beauty to the blind,                                                     words of men seem empty and vain...

justice not rendered;there is no rhyme!
In a dark world void of sight,
a partial knowing rules the day.
Unless one's heart receives Light,
it's the darkness that holds sway.
In the Spirit there are rainbows,
beckoning to us to be seen,
with new colors we might know...
only new eyes fulfill this dream!
Perhaps the cry of the blind should be
"Lord, give me new eyes to see!"

Whispering Thunder

John Morris
Thunder across the wastlands
signals the refreshing that mends
Flashes of promise arise...
awakening the still winds

The kiss of the breeze arrives
caressing the edges of self
Enveloped in this freshness
the awe of change is felt

I cannot fear the thunder
Blessed Rain is close at hand
The Healing Waters of Heaven
cleanses the soul of common man

Search for the silver linings
in the barrenness of drought
Listen for approaching thunder...
faint whispers destroy doubt

Hope echos across the heartlands
to the rhythm of God's grace
Living Waters from On High
we are soon to taste!

The Coincidence Maker

John Morris

Have you not known
The Coincidence Maker?
Most often ignored...
He invites all takers!

Working all things for good
to those who believe,
The Lord of happenstance
seeks children to receive!

Looking to the east
He may approach from the west
passing in silence
with shadows that bless!

Mysteries in motion;
to the world only chance.
For the Children of Light...
let the angels dance!

click for...


John Morris

Upon my heart tread lightly
it's fragile like a rose
Invisible proof of God's love
shadow images to man disclosed

Be kind to your heart
and it will guide you well
Guard it with dilligence
issues of life it will tell

Always feed your heart
those things which edify
storing blessing for others
when their own runs dry

Seek to share your heart
there's power in your words
able to change a life
in the invisible things heard

thanks kitten

It is God to whom and with
whom we travel, and while He
is the End of our journey,
He is also at every stopping
Elisabeth Elliot

...what a wonderful soldier i found
 the singer / artist / fellow soldier,
"DARRELL EVANS" to be...
absolutely wonderful...
click here for the song that made me
an immediate "DARRELL EVANS"listener...
one of mr. Morris` favorites


Tears Of An Eagle (9-11 Tribute)

John Morris
Tears of an Eagle
upon bloody ground.
A face once so regal
now wearing a frown.
In staure still proud,
though wings show tatter.
Freedom cries aloud
"My Children matter!"
Oh Eagle arise
and shake off the dust.
Shout to the skies
"in God we trust!"
Symbol of liberty
such glory God gave;
the land of the free
and home of the brave!
Such relentless compassion
in times of distress;
an undying passion
to guard freedom's nest.
Mount up and take flight
with purpose and strength!
Probe Heaven's heights;
it's width and it's length!
Though wounded still strong,
ordained as a light
to sing freedom's song;
righteous in God's sight!
Oh Eagle fly far.
Oh Eagle stand near.
The darkness can't mar
your countenance dear!
A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Face Of A Child

John Morris
To gaze into the eyes of a young child
untainted by the weariness of man's guile
Eyes of sincerity, frozen in time...
a smile that entrances; gentle and kind!

Tugging at mom's skirt in a quizzical way
questions of innocence can brighten one's day
Hearing "Mom, I love you" melts hearts of clay
one last smile, then it's outside to play!

Revere these times, frame them in the heart
to be retreived one day for you were a part
Hold tight to love shadows shining oh so bright!
Picture them often though no longer in sight!

The Father must feel the same way about you
searching His child's heart for a love so true
Give Him a kiss and hug each precious day
One last smile, then it's outside to play!

click the pic to see full size...
ron took this picture of a sunrise...
the morning he wrote "Day Star Moments"

Daystar Moments (II Peter 1:19)

John Morris
A Divinely appointed time and place
realized in a Daystar Moment...
that event you were destined to embrace;
oh, the quiet awe of the heaven sent!

Distances bridged from God's heart to yours
in a great awakening so planned.
Colors and whispers never so pure
as this time when fires of joy are fanned!

Arise my heart! Stand tall, stand strong!
Immerse yourself in splendid wonder!
Join the chorus of eternity's song;
feel the echoes of God's silent thunder!

To be captured, by seeking to capture
that which forever remains your own.
In a moment, the Daystar enraptures;
drawing one nearer to God's heavenly throne!
i was surfing the net and found this...

Night Of The Chimes

John Morris
While inside a dream one night
A Holy Wind gave life to the chimes
and the sound was the sound of praise
in a song of unity and rhyme

And faces were upon the chimes
unlike any I had ever seen
for their great joy beamed forth light
and the light grew and filled my dream

"Lamb of God! You alone are worthy
of all majesty and praise!"
reverberated through my being
as I strained to see through this haze

In an instant these eyes beheld
a most glorious and awesome sight;
seated upon a brilliant throne
was My Lord and we locked eyes

Weeping tears of fear and joy
I collapsed upon the floor
knowing this moment would one day come;
being face to face with My Lord

"My Lord! My God! My All!"
So many times I'd spoken these words
but never with such passion
and then, another Voice I heard

"My sweet child, do you love Me?"
Oh Lord, You know I do!
"My beloved, do you love Me?"
Jesus, You know my love is true!

A third time He asked "do you love Me?"
and again I said "Lord,I do!"
He then spoke "arise to you feet
for My Heart you did pursue."

Folded arms before My King
eyes closed for just a while...
looking into The Face of God
I saw His gentle smile

We embraced and I was cradled
with my head upon His breast
I thought of the last supper
when St. John received his rest

"Lord, I can't hear Your heartbeat"
I said with eyes still moist
"My child, listen to your own
and you'll hear the rhythm of My Voice"

I again heard the sound of praise
as My Lord began to move away
"No Lord, please don't leave me!"
He said, "Fear not, I'm with you always"

While inside a dream one night
A Holy Wind gave life to the chimes
and I joined their chorus of praise
in a song of unity and rhyme!

click this for a....

Prayer Wishes

John Morris
Lord, bind the serpent
and release the Dove.
Baptize this child
in Your Sweet Love.
Write me a song
of Grace Divine.
Give me a heart
in which to rhyme.
Teach me new songs
of joy and peace.
Sing me a lullaby
that will never cease.
Whisper sweet somethings
all the day long.
In Your perfect will
is where I belong.
Rock me to sleep
in dark of night.
Give me sweet dreams
till first morning light.
Chastise me gently
when I go astray.
Show me Your heart;
this I pray!
click the link below to see the above poem
on a poem page from the Brantford Reformed
CHRISTian Church....along with stuff from
many other CHRISTian soldiers...

some helpful words,from my helpful friend
..."good sleep is JESUS stuff too"...

The Power Of Two

John Morris
Two lighthouses on the shore
standing tall side by side
intertwined with a purpose
two beacons you can't hide!

Sending forth their Precious Light
to the many lost at sea
not illuminating each other...
neutralizing beams you see!

Each must set aside
if but for a short time
the brightness of the Glory
and the pride that oh so blinds!

Twice the power there can be
in the rhythm of focused Light
Each equal to the other
in tandem they shine bright!

Now in sync for the purpose
to one another they give Light
The Glory only grows
as they pass in the night!


Of Lace And Grace (Giftings)

John Morris
Sweet Daughters of Encouragement
come in many precious forms;
wives, mothers, sisters and friends-
so many lives they adorn

Reflecting their Father's heart
in selfless, loving ways
is a thankless task at times
but their heart they must obey

God's underpinnings of grace
often receives not broad acclaim
It's a mother's touch you know
that heals the children's pain

Special words in due season
are like banners of love unfurled
Sweet Daughters of Encouragement
change destinies in the world

You are that inspiration
spoken of in these few lines
When expressing your special gifts
you cause other lives to rhyme!
the above poem can also be found
on a really cool site from Brantford,Ontario...
below is the page they put it on...
just click it...
hey ya`ll....if ya` dig JESUS metal
the way i do,then you wanna` click
the "metal for JESUS" link below...they
gotta lotta new and classic JESUS rock...

Toys In The Attic

John Morris
Toys in the attic
all covered in dust
asleep in a world
of cobwebs and rust

Once so pristine,
so shiny, so new
now faded memories
unless freshly viewed

Thoughts can awaken
these friends from the past
Yawning and stretching
there's new life at last

Waiting in the shadows
for sounds at the door...
a return to normal
as things were before

Hand upon the knob
preparing to turn
Renewed thoughts can erase
old desires that burn!

The Awakening

John Morris
Did you hear the shuffle
of hearts atop a shelf
moving closer to the edge
from the shadows of stealth?

And did you feel a shift
of the old prevailing winds?
In breathing in the freshness
did it cause you to grin?

Did you smell the fragrance
of the Presence of Our Lord...
permeating His beloved
with His oil of gladness poured?

Did you see a silhoette
of the angels roundabout...
standing tall in quiet awe
though desiring to sing and shout?

And did it change your heart
reaching to your very core...
awakening a Mighty Fountain
that was placed there by Our Lord?

Fear Factor

John Morris
As a child I would fear
the darkness without
warning off monsters
with a clap and a shout!

These days are different
there's darkness within
those dark and dank rooms
God labels as sin.

We ignore and play games
saying "all is well"
unwilling to confront
these shadows from hell.

Lives wrapped in packages
so cozy and neat
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons
hiding our real needs.

Many fears locked inside
and each with a name
seeking only to hide
without shame, without blame...

A fear of losing control
of the world that surrounds;
a loss of identity
that was never found.

Those fears of growing old-
the pain and the dread
but most of all
there's the fear of death!

Fear is the opposite
of faith it is said
Let go and let God
calm your fear and dread!

Our Lord holds the keys
to unlock the dark rooms
The simple trust of a child
can open the tombs!

the folks from the Hope Reformed
Christian Church has put the above
poem on their encouragement page... below to check it out
i got this in my e-mail from
my friend this
to see something i...


Certain Man

John Morris
There once was a Certain Man
who lived in a certain town
chained to a certain weight
driven by an inner frown...

thinking value and self worth
were things that could be earned
by pleasing an earthly father
in whom the same frown was burned

He never received the approval
a child so craves and needs
still defending dear old dad
while planting those same seeds

Throughout life the man did go
not realizing he was fated
to become the very thing
as a child he so much hated

No person could measure up
in the eyes of certain man
for the words "I'm proud of you"
his father buried in the sand

"You're special and I love you"
unsaid words birthing fears
still tormenting Certain Man
after all these many years

Curses are only broken
by Truth that sets us free
I forgive you earthly dad
for things not done for me

Heavenly Father You've taught me
I am worthy of Your love
not for things I've done
for I could never do enough

I take You at Your Word
You proved it through Your Son
I'm valued more than I know
as if I'm the only one

Mercy and grace I'll extend
helping others see Your Light
that Healing Wings from heaven
may descend upon their life.

the above poem is also on the
page link`s from those
Canadian soldiers up there in
Brantford,Ontario...they gotta lotta
great pages...

First Love

John Morris
I betray my Lord not with a kiss
but rather the creeping apathy of a cold heart
like dying embers in night's long march
or the actor who forgets his part

I've left my First Love's tender embrace
fading memories of what "once was"
Passion departs as a bird on the wing
and the form of the bird is a dove

Blessed assurance is now abated
stolen away by unseen fingers
Taken for granted as all seemed well
the fire's warmth no longer lingers

There's a long silence after the sigh
a realization of what's been lost
While there is breath still there is hope
to return to the foot of the Cross

Prodigal hearts mired in earthly cares
seek rescue in the Father's embrace
Our First Love beckons us homeward...
with whole heart we must seek His face!
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Make Me A Child

John Morris
Lord, return to me the innocence of youth,
where laughter and wonder did abound!
In that place we could run with joy;
a smile was more common than a frown.
We would count the stars of summers' night
and could almost hear them sing!
Crayolas were fun! Paper and glue a need;
to make Mom's heart smile with glee!
Lord, restore the awe of a puppy dog,
so furry and so sweet to hold.
This little life we could make our own;
a reflection of the lambs of Your fold!
Bring back memories of shoeless days,
cool spring grass caressing our toes.
A four leaf clover was a treasure to find,
and oh yes, my treehouse hid me from foes!
I ran to Dad when boogie man was near.
Scraping a knee meant Mom dried my tears.
and when I laid me down to sleep,
I gave my soul for You to keep!
Lord, be my High Tower; my treehouse, You know.
In simplicity of heart, teach me Your ways.
And I will endeavor to be Your child...
through Your Grace, till the end of my days.

Darkest Of Dreams

John Morris
Over the edge and into the dark;
without hope, missing the mark!
No sound of laughter, the music is dead.
Just thoughts of forever filling your head!
Tumbling into the abyss; a magnet draws.
Deafening silence; it's ungodliness appalls!
Nevermore to see the beauty of earth's day;
only confused expressions of pain and dismay!
Who can tell others I'm in this place?
The walls of this prison compress my space!
If only I'd listened when opportunities arose.
Swallowed by evil; naked with no clothes!
Anguished moanings of the others, beside.
A living fear possesses me inside.
Looking for light in vain attempts to escape.
The beginning of forever; my soul suffers rape!Cry out to The Lord and let your heart scream
from inside this most darkest of dreams!

Morning People

John Morris
Why is it that for some
getting out of bed seems dumb
with long face so very glum
spirits acting like a bum?

Yet, others can hardly wait
leap from bed, seek out fate
On your nerves they may grate
but boy can they motivate!

Like first love on the inside
emotions they can't hide
Perhaps there is a reason
you will know in due season.

Still, you may wanna choke
smiley faces you wanna poke
rising early to greet the day
be kind to them. OK?

Piercing the morning skies
just like a Church steeple
have mercy on these guys
cause we're only Morning People!

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Higher Levels

John Morris
Desire to soar on eagles wings;
from On High the view is clear.
Much joy Heaven's heights can bring;
alone in The Wind there's no fear!

Creation marvels from down below
at such a regal display in the sky.
perhaps wishing they too could go
to higher levels where perspectives lie!

Lord, make me alone in Your Wind;
Your higher places call my name.
Teach me to soar, to comprehend
the wonder of these heights I've gained!

To press on, to rise even higher;
to touch the Bright Morning Star!
To experience Your Heavenly Fire;
to draw young eagles from afar!

And when I've reached the highest level
that's when we'll be face to face.
In Your Sweet Presence I will revel!
I'll not need wings in this place!

A Love So True

John Morris
To be changed by the touch of a Love so true;
all else pales when a heart's made new!
Earthly pain seems less, the problems more dim.
Peace shall arise when we focus on Him!
Mercy upon mercy cries a world in need.
He cares for all, even the sparrows He feeds!
Arise to your feet and shout forth the news
"The Lord of Creation needs you for His use!"
Try as you may to walk earth alone,
do as you will and you'll sigh with a groan
"is this all there is? I'm empty inside!"
In dark of night, from Truth you can't hide.
Open your eyes and soften your heart.
For once realize you're not all that smart!
The Wisdom of the ages comes from above;
mixed with Great Mercy, sprinkled with Love!
Sing your New Song of compassion and joy.
It's God's great pleasure for you to enjoy!
The Sun of Righteousness is shining on you,
so bask in the Glory of a Love So True!



Isaiah 44
21   Remember these, O Jacob and Israel; for thou art my servant: I have formed thee; thou art my servant: O Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me.
22   I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.
23   Sing, O ye heavens; for the LORD hath done it: shout, ye lower parts of the earth: break forth into singing, ye mountains, O forest, and every tree therein: for the LORD hath redeemed Jacob, and glorified himself in Israel.

Empty Hands

John Morris
Only these empty hands Lord
I can bring to You
No treasures and no works
there's nothing I can do
Lifting in sweet surrender
these hands you gave to me
in praise of the love
You've given so tenderly

I bring a swollen heart Lord
full of broken tears
trusting in Your words
to take away my fears
You hold it in your hands
with a Father's tender grasp
cradled by the Grace
that wipes away the past

My Lord, My God, My All
lovingkindness and forgiveness surround You
Lord of true intimacies
I long to touch, to experience, to know You
Lord, reign in me

I lay my earthly dreams Lord
upon Your sacred alter
wanting to do Your will
help me when I falter
You are my righteousness Lord
I can claim no other
By Jesus' sacrifice
in white robe I am covered

The Bubble

John Morris

Inside the bubble of God's care
rainbow shadows dance with glee
A smoothness Paints the edges
of these feelings within me.

There's an arch above my head
perhaps the Shadow of His Wings
Seeds of trust have taken root
sprouting forth in Heavenly Things!

Trancending horizons of earthly pain
eyes closed in utter awe
His bountiful mercies shall remain
wrapped in His Grace so raw!

To feel His Touch is to be changed
into an image far but near
These tribulations will matter little
as Perfect Love casts out all fear!

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Only By Your Spirit (fruit)

What is the cause when one weeps Oh Lord,
for a stranger in the car beside?
To pray your blessing on their life be poured;
can it be your Gracious Love which abides?
From where comes the joy that fills each day
with expectations of sweet surrender
except that you send your joy my way
to share with others the Great Heart Mender.
And what is this Peace that I now possess,
even in the midst of a raging storm?
except Your Grace in which I rest
lifting burdens so I'm no longer torn!
How can it be I can await patiently
those things that before caused such worry?
Except You've set free Your Spirit in me
to arrest the lips that say "hurry!"
What is this gentleness that turns away wrath
with soft answers and meekness combined?
Except Your Covering upon my life cast;
the offspring of Your Nature shall be kind!
From where does the faithfulness and self control
that I now experience come from?
Only from Your Spirit that so fills my soul
as more like Jesuseach day we become!
Galatians 5:22-23
J. Ronald Morris 2002


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