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hey there friends...this page is a little about me...maybe to much about me...i HOPE name is sean shannon collier...a son of  GOD adopted by the BLOOD OF THE SON OF GOD,JESUS CHRIST...i am blessed to have  family who are also believers in the GRACE of GOD through HIS GREAT SACRIFICE,JESUS CHRIST...our BELOVED darling wife kim(my better side) of  15 years,has been a blessing in my life...we have two kiddoes...maegon(mae mae) who is 14 years old...she`s my first born so she`s seen it all,been with us almost from the start......and zachary(zachman)who is 8 years last but not least...i am 35 years old and live in arkansas...blah,blah,blah...

 Ballad Of Zachmandoo 

behold a ballad by my darling son
zachary being but eight years old
he knows so much for such a little one
he knows so much and speaks so bold...
zachary caleb collier
HE walked across water to save HIS SON
i`m one of HIS loved ones
HE walked across the ocean
HE walked across the sea
HE walked down a waterfall just for me
HE searched in my soul
HE didn`t let go
HE holded on...
HE holded on...


he sings this ballad quite well i might add..
a few memoirs from Poetry of Today Bulletin Board
...a friend suggested  i put some here...
it all started with a chicken...
Posted on December 1, 2002 at 11:44:32 AM by sean shannon collier

back when my daughter was `bout three years old,(she`s 14 now),she had the innocence of youth...when i would tell her the marvellous works of GOD,her REAL FATHER...i could see the STARS in her eyes and total belief in the day we hadda `ol hen that something and kim were building a fire outside(it`s how we cooked our food) and looked over and saw the hen flopping around with it`s neck wrung...never did find out how it was less than 20 feet away...anyways,mae had a fit...her heart was comepletely broken for she too witnessed the death throws of the broke my heart to see her heart so broken...she looked at me with those STARS in her eyes,and said straight out..."i`m gonna pray to GOD to bring her back"...i stood there devestated...(i had told her anything she believed,asking from GOD...she would have)what could i say brothers and sisters???...i told her if she believed it,it would happen...she looked at me and said she believed,and i could tell she i told her it would happen.........the next day at work my heart was troubled so bad about what to tell mae when i got home i couldn`t hardly think...i knew she`d ask me immediately why GOD had not fullfilled her prayer request......i came driving up to the shack that day with a little blonde headed girl running to meet me...ecstatic,to say the least...i had to yell out the window for her to get outta the way...then i saw her...that `ol white momma hen...i will never forget the feeling of the SPIRIT that moved through my bones right then...that hen had only a few tendrils holding her head on the day before...i had thrown her in the pond to sink so the dogs couldn`t dig her up and eat `er...brothers and was her......i will never be the little girl taught me something about GOD that day...changed me forever...this ain`t no ripley`s believe it or not...this is a sean`s believe it...

(no subject)
Posted on October 29, 2002 at 01:08:04 AM by sean shannon collier

hello everyone...just saying goodnight and stuff...i live in a trailer and it is pouring down rain right now...the raindrops are singing a random melody on my roof...perfect conditions for writing,drawing,or sleeping...i think i`ll sleep...
LORD will you wake me in the morning...
wipe the sleep from my eyes...
LORD let me spend tomorrow walking
...night friends...

thank YOU JESUS...
Posted on November 8, 2002 at 08:27:39 AM by sean shannon collier

hey there dear friends...i awoke today feeling down...have a crick in my neck...the coffee pot seemed extra to never found zachary`s math book...went outside and discovered i had a flat...but as i was changing my tire i started seeing the blessings in my kiddoes hollered i LOVE you as they were running out to meet the bus...the pansies i planted around the mailbox seemed to have doubled in size and were blooming profusely...the birds seemed to be trying to drown out all sounds except for their melodious songs...the trees they filled were in their firey fall colors...squirrels were running around eating the corn my farmer friend brought me...then to top it off my wife kim stuck her head out the door and asked if i wanted another coffee...i don`t know how to explain this but i cried my eyes out...oh friends,HE LOVES us so much...our LIVES are the WORK of PERFECT HANDS...i`ve gotta go to work now and today i`m gonna count my BLESSINGS...may you all see the LOVE involved in creating this your PERFECT day...

a poem for the world...

our destinies are YOUR handywork...
let us not kill those who kill...
let us not hate those who hate...
let us not cause to suffer those who cause to suffer...
let us not trust in our ability to destroy the people YOU created...
let us TRUST in YOUR MIGHT to deliver us from the hand of our enemies...
let us wield YOUR TWO EDGED SWORD with faith in YOUR abilities...
let us study MEEKNESS and walk as a display of YOUR HUMILITY...
let us believe in YOUR GRACE enough to tell the world of YOUR SACRIFICE...
oh LORD GOD in heaven
let us not forget our reflection in YOUR MIRROR...

A Rhyming Verse...

zechariah 8:12

from the greatest book ever written
i discovered a rhyming verse
of times when sin was smitten
redemption filling the earth...
"for the seed shall be prosperous
the vine shall give her fruit
and the ground shall give her increase
and the heavens shall give their dew"

...even so come quickly LORD JESUS!!!

mouse art...done with Microsoft Paint...powered by GOD...
artist...sean shannon collier
these pictures  take a moment to load
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Sean Collier
i looked around myself that day
just to see what i could see
i saw so many different things
that couldn`t possibly be
i saw people dying and babies crying
no one seems to care
i saw riches beyond my wildest dreams
no one wants to share
i searched the horizon for love and peace
i saw so much hate and war
i saw families in need of shelter
knocking upon closed doors
i saw some children in the desert
dying slowly from starvation
i saw countries who could feed them
deny the situation
i saw some geese up in the sky
their wings were heavy with flight
searching for a place to rest
nothing was in their sight
i looked upon some children
being raised in our nations schools
forbidden to hear GOD`S wisdom
hearing only the wisdom of fools
i saw machines to tear down forests
and machines to taint the water
i saw machines to kill unborn children
children are such a bother
i saw smog that hid the bluest skies
and there was acid in the rain
that day i began to realize
my world had gone insane...
then i reached down and touched a blossum
in the form of my toddling child
and looking at her little face
i saw the innocence in her smile
i knew as i looked at her little hands
she could reach out and touch a star
for with the power of her innocence
how could it be too far
again i looked at the world around me
and my heart grew suddenly sour
because i knew this place,this world i know
desired my baby`s power
as if a great and terrible machine
was trudging across the land
devouring all that`s in it`s path
and tainting the souls of man
spreading chaos as it goes
steadily gaining velocity
looking for those precious souls
creating terrible attrocities
then i heard a little bird
calling out my name
it said i was a cog in this great machine
i too must share the blame
then i couldn`t stand the fallen man
that i had came to be
and i wondered if my little girl
would be someone like me
i cried out to our FATHER
i begged HIM to hear my pleas
"LORD don`t let this happen"
"let it all just be a dream"
then as i gazed upon a SONset
beyond a distant hill
i realized all this wickedness
was against our FATHERS will
HE is the GOD of MERCY
the GOD of TRUTH and of LOVE
MASTER of the universe
CREATOR of the heavens above
HE gave to us HIS only SON
WHO died on the cross for our sins
and if we`ll just believe THIS
HE`LL come get us in the end
i fell to my knees and thanked HIM
from the bottom of my heart
for accepting me as forgiven
for giving me a perfect start
then i held my little baby
and i brushed her little hair
and i told her not to worry
"JESUS will take us there"
then at our world i looked again
and i cried within myself
for the BOOKS that hold our solutions
lie closed on dusty shelves...
hey friends...i got my com. about four months ago(end of july `02)...i hadn`t ever messed with one before then...i seen right off the bat that the computer was my ticket for the release i so needed...a fire you might say,to spread HIS WORD...imediately, i really liked microsoft mess,neverending eraser,magnification,`ll even make a straight line for ya`...i hope someone out there can use these drawings to spread the WORD somehow...or my poems...or anything else that`cha need that i can the GLORY of OUR MOST HIGH...that is my intentions with JESUS stuff...looking for WAYS to praise......peace
the kiddoes and i....
back in `95